District Goals and Vision Plan 2018-2019

Piute County School District Goals and Vision For 2018-19

Mission Statement

We are here to develop responsible productive citizens through a progressive education system that emphasizes self-worth

and expectations of social and academic excellence while preserving community values.

Preparing children for the future

What is our purpose

* That the best decisions are in the interest of students

* That every student can learn and succeed

* That high expectations produce high achievement

* That students succeed by giving their best dream & their best efforts

* That a district succeeds by providing the resources that students need

* In the equal worth of all people

* In maximizing learning by providing a safe school environment

* In integrating technology into the classroom

* That our people are our most valuable asset

* That educators are committed to excellence

* That we are stewards of the public trust

* Excellent schools have a positive impact on communities

* That educators, students, families and the community share in the responsibility for continuous improvement of excellent education

     Increase instructional expectations and promote high quality classroom

  • Assessment/data of student progress
  • Progress monitoring
  • Teacher evaluations and conferencing
  • Teacher mentoring/coaching

       Provide a safe learning environment

  • Systemic drills
  • Districts safety training employees and students

       Effective use of PLCs- primarily set on student learning

  •  Maintain systemic PLCs
  •    Primarily focus on data for gaps in learning
  •    Provided collaboration on tools for tiered learning

     Embrace technology on all fronts

  • Have a progressive technological infrastructure that supports all instructional and administrative needs
  • Tech PD training for teachers and availability for students and parents
  • Tech PLC organized

       Parents are actively involved in their child's education process

  •  Parent collaboration meetings with teachers/admin
  •  Parent participation in IEP/SEOP/SEP
  •  Parents invited to be involved in committees

       Effective improved district's counseling program

  • Focuses on meeting the college career ready
  • Systemic SEOP process -Group seop 7-10. Individual seop 11, 12 grade
  • Effective (guidance curriculum) promoting life skills-post secondary education
  • Responsive services-effectively meeting student immediate academic and emotional needs

       Exceptional district and campus leadership                

  • Continue PD on admin leadership-
  • Provide support and influence to schools teachers, students ,and staff

       Continue to promote a positive climate

  •  Maintain professional working relationships
  •    Be honest-solve problems with the best interest of students in mind
  •    Promote respect for each other
  •    Encourage trust
  •    Be empathetic
  •    Hold crucial conversations when needed-do not let issues fester

       Effective professional development

  •    Maintain PD incentive plan
  •    Continue district PD days
  •    Assess PD needs

       Continue Influence of Blended Learning Model

  •    Hold conversation and PD on blended learning
  •    Get voice and input on model
  •    Develop infrastructure of support for model