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March 23, 2021

5:30-6:30 pm

Circleville Elementary--Faculty Room


Present: Kathy Riddle, Jim Martin, Amber Barnson, Lisa Allan, Terecea Westwood, Kristi Westwood, and Natalie Remund


Excused: Stacie Gass


The council voted to approve the February 23 SCC minutes as written.  

  1. Motion to approve--Terecea Westwood
  2. Seconded--Amber Barnson
  3. Kathy Riddle--For
  4. Jim Martin--For
  5. Natalie Remund--For
  6. Amber Barnson--For
  7. Terecea Westwood--For
  8. Lisa Allan--For
  9. Kristi Westwood--For


The School Community Council reviewed the Land Trust plan and discussed each of the four goals and how dollars would be spent.  The four goals include:

  • Math--raise math RISE results by 5 points by updating our math program and administering assessment checks regularly throughout the year.  
  • Language arts--get 80% growth on Acadience (formerly DIBELS) and raise proficiency by 5 points; increase RISE results by 5 points by decreasing class size, progress monitoring students regularly, and providing differentiated targeted assistance to students not at proficiency.  
  • Social Studies goal--improve RISE informational text standards by 5 percentage points by focusing on building background content knowledge through field trips and designated social studies time weekly; emphasize character education throughout the year.   
  • Science Goal--raise science RISE results by 5 points through science materials such as the USBE textbook, Generation Genius, Mystery Science, Gizmos, and others.  


The SCC voted to approve the amended Land Trust plan to go before the BOard April 13th for final approval.  

  1. Motion to approve--Amber Barnson
  2. Seconded--Natlie Remund
  3. Kathy Riddle--For
  4. Jim Martin--For
  5. Natalie Remund--For
  6. Amber Barnson--For
  7. Kristi Westwood--For
  8. Lisa Allan--For
  9. Terecea Westwood--For


We continued reviewing the district emergency plan with specifications to CES.  On the page “Prevention/Preparedness,” Jim will find out who conducts a safety assessment of every building as per bullet #1. Jim will follow up with Paul about locking the front doors and the video doorbell.  Also, Jim will find out if Toni can be given a phone for times when she is away from her desk.  There is a need for site maps (school maps) showing evacuation paths and backup evacuation paths.  These should be posted in particular spots.  During one of our drills, we should check the walkie talkies and any other equipment to ensure that it is working properly.  The automated system will be used for communicating with families during an emergency, and Jim will see if a texting option can be added to School Messenger.  Facebook is also a good option for large-scale communication.  A few teachers at CES have their whole classes on a text group, and this might be a good idea for all.  We need to create emergency kits that have necessary supplies including emergency contact forms.  There was some concern mentioned over the NIcholas truck driving through the playground during peak times.  Jim will get some A-frame signs positioned in the pathway adjacent to the buses so that parents are not using this as a thru-way.  The fence bids are out and we are awaiting a response.  


On the page “Staff Responsibilities,” the SCC felt that the principal needed to be responsible for commuting the Telemed system to the evacuation location, so that the nurse can easily be contacted.  Jim needs access to the safe in his office or perhaps we need a new one.  It was suggested that the community support section of this page be eliminated since the duties outlined there fall under the auspices of faculty and staff.  


There were no other issues to discuss. 


The meeting was adjourned at 6:35 pm.

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