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December 1, 2020

5:30-6:30 pm

Circleville Elementary--Faculty Room


Present: Kathy Riddle, Kristi Westwood, Stacie Gass, Jim Martin, Kaylene Scherer, Natalie Remund, and Lilian Oywech

  1. We had a welcome with introductions. 
  2. The October 27 minutes were approved.  
    1. Motion to approve--Stacie Gass
    2. Seconded--Natalie Remund
    3. Kathy Riddle--For
    4. Kristi Westwood--For
    5. Stacie Gass--For
    6. Jim Martin--For
    7. Kaylene Scherer--For
    8. Natalie Remund--For
  3. Jim showed a video on the SCC’s responsibilities regarding school safety and digital safety.
  4. The SCC discussed safety generally.  It was decided that if we are to have a fence, it should be a medium-sized one tall enough to discourage climbing but with gates for easy access.  There was some discussion about the need for a fence.  The SCC decided to administer a school climate survey with a specific question about a fence to collect parents’ impressions.  It may be best to put a sign discouraging cars from driving past the parking lot.  Jim will collect some survey samples and send them to the council for feedback.  We reviewed the emergency procedures manual which has not been recently updated.  Jim will ask for an electronic copy of the procedures manual, from Superintendent Willis, and send it to the council.  The SCC members also expressed interest in receiving a list of the safety requirements outlined by the School Community Council website on the USBE page.  Jim will send these to council members as well.  As far as digital safety, Sally has been providing students this throughout the year.  It was suggested that she conduct a student training that is filmed and distributed to families.  There may also be a need for a parent training that Jim will discuss with Sally.  Jim will check with Superintendent Willis about doing a suicide/mental health training for the community and if the district is providing such a training.  The SCC reviewed the proposed school-family compact and family engagement policy.  This is required as a Title I school.  The council discussed the compact/policy and approved it with minor changes.
  5. Jim shared the draft of a positive behavior intervention plan, a requirement of state law.  Jim borrowed aspects of our plan from another school.  Jim welcomed comments and feedback.  Stacie Gass suggested that Jim reference a chart that was created last year for PBIS.  Jim will continue revising and get feedback from the teaching staff before finalizing.  Jim will provide a final copy to the SCC.
  6. Our amendments to the Land Trust plan were submitted to the school board for approval.  They should be considered at the next board meeting.  Stacie Gass asked for clarification on how much money teachers have for supplies as per the Land Trust plan.  Apparently it is less than once thought ($250) because in addition to classroom teachers, the following individuals also receive it: art, SPED, speech, ESL, Library, and reading specialist.  Jim will also have a conversation with Dallas about the state of our Land Trust budget.
  7. There was a question about field trips and whether they will be allowed this year.  Jim said he didn’t know if traveling to Salt Lake City would be allowed but would check with the Superintendent.  
  8. There were no other issues to discuss at this time.  
  9. Natalie Remund moved to adjourn.  Kaylene Scherer seconded.  There was no opposition.  The meeting was adjourned at 6:45 pm.

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