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January 26, 2021

5:30-6:30 pm

Circleville Elementary--Faculty Room


Present: Kathy Riddle, Kristi Westwood, Stacie Gass, Jim Martin, Amber Barnson (phone), and Natalie Remund


During our welcome, it was determined that because of some conflicts, this would have to be a shortened meeting.  

  1. The December 1 minutes were approved.  
    1. Motion to approve--Stacie Gass
    2. Seconded--Natalie Remund
    3. Kathy Riddle--For
    4. Kristi Westwood--For
    5. Stacie Gass--For
    6. Jim Martin--For
    7. Natalie Remund--For
    8. Amber Barnson--For
  2. As a School Community Council, we are required to publish mid-year accomplishments.  We discussed what we have accomplished thus far this year:
  • We have reviewed the safety/emergency plan and are continuing to make it specific to our school needs.  
  • We have developed a school climate survey that will be administered this month.
  • We have developed a positive behavior plan that focuses on how to teach and reward appropriate behaviors.
  • We revised the Land Trust plan to allow for more money to be used to help teachers implement the new K-5 science core.  
  • The monthly character education program comes from the SCC and the Land Trust plan!  It leads to monthly recognition of students of the month!
  • The CES SCC has met monthly with good solid attendance!
  • Gary Hogg came to visit our school and talked to students about positive literacy habits.  
  • We have been discussing a fence around the playground to make it safer.
  1. The SCC reviewed the climate survey that Jim found online.  It was suggested that the survey go out this week in many different forms: by email, paper/pencil, AND a link over Facebook.  Jim will take care of this.  The SCC decided on some revisions to the survey: removing grade levels so that the survey results are less identifiable; changing the final question to “Suggestions for things you’d like implemented or additional information you’d like to share;” a selection for individuals who would like to volunteer with information on how to do so (contact Mrs. Toni at the front desk).  
  2. We held a digital safety webinar in December conducted by Sally.  No parents attended; however, it was recorded and will be put on our website and sent out via email to parents.  Stacie suggested that the link be included on the Wakelet she is creating with parent resources.  
  3. The SCC discussed the emergency/safety plan.  According to Superintendent Willis, the CES SCC should make recommendations about the plan which will be revised generally at the district level.  Natalie volunteered to go through the plan to identify type-o’s.  It was decided that we will go through the plan in more detail next time to identify where it can be more specific to CES.  There was additional discussion about a playground fence and whether this would be a good safety addition.  Playground safety issues were discussed such as students running out into the driveway without looking to retrieve a ball and more vulnerable students running out of the playground area and away from staff/school grounds.      
    1. Moved: To recommend to our district that we build a smaller fence with criss-cross openings around the playground.
    2. Motion to approve--Amber Barnson
    3. Seconded--Kathy Riddle
    4. Kathy Riddle--For
    5. Kristi Westwood--For
    6. Stacie Gass--For
    7. Jim Martin--For
    8. Natalie Remund--For
    9. Amber Barnson--For

Jim will share this recommendation with Superintendent Willis to determine next steps.  6. The meeting was adjourned at 6:00 pm.

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