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February 23, 2021

5:30-6:30 pm

Circleville Elementary--Faculty Room


Present: Kathy Riddle, Stacie Gass, Jim Martin, Amber Barnson, Lisa Allan, Terecea Westwood, and Natalie Remund


Excused: Kristi Westwood


The council voted to approve the January 26 SCC minutes as written.  

  1. Motion to approve--Natalie Remund
  2. Seconded--Lisa Allan
  3. Kathy Riddle--For
  4. Stacie Gass--For
  5. Jim Martin--For
  6. Natalie Remund--For
  7. Amber Barnson--For
  8. Terecea Westwood--For
  9. Lisa Allan--For


The School Community Council started by reviewing the survey results from the climate and culture survey.  We received over 30 responses, which is a very respectable response rate.  Jim highlighted our strengths and our challenges for additional consideration.  There will be additional discussion of the survey results at the next meeting (see attached).  


The council discussed a portion of the district emergency plan. The SCC will make recommendations for clarifications and changes to the district office, as well as generating some CES-specific elements to include with the plan.  We added phone numbers and amended some of the contacts on the first page of the plan.  Members wondered if we might include the district nurse’s contact information with the emergency plan.  There was discussion about our evacuation points being the Town Hall and/or the LDS Church in Circleville.  There was question as to how we might access these two locations in the event of an evacuation.  The SCC wondered if there might be a person on staff designated as the “key holder” for both of the locations.  Principal Martin will follow up to see if we can have keys to both locations or if there is a different idea about how evacuation might work.  


The SCC discussed getting Toni a portable phone or cell phone that she can take with her to wherever she is in the building, so she can answer the phones and possibly open the front door.  Jim will check on this.  


The SCC reviewed the “Prevention/Preparedness” page of the Emergency Plan and worked through the first three bullets:

  • Conduct an assessment of each school building. Identify those factors that put the

building, students and staff at greater risk, such as proximity to main highways or roads

that regularly transport hazardous materials or facilities that produce highly toxic material

or propane gas tanks, and develop a plan for reducing the risk. This can include plans to

evacuate students away from these areas in times of crisis and to reposition propane

tanks or other hazardous materials away frorn school buildings.


The SCC wondered who would be charged with conducting this assessment.


  • Work with businesses in close proximity to the school to ensure that the school's crisis

plan is coordinated with their crisis plans.


The SCC recommends that this be eliminated or changed to specify coordination with the town hall and the LDS Church for evacuation purposes.  


  • Ensure a process is in place for controlling access and egress to the school. Require all persons who do not have authority to be in the school to sign in.


This is sometimes challenging given the secretary’s schedule which pulls her away from the front desk several times throughout the day.  The SCC wondered about more hours for the secretary and/or additional precautions for guarding building access.  The SCC decided to change the rule about morning entry through classroom doors so that these doors are not left open throughout the day.  Students may now enter in the morning from the front doors.  This needs to be communicated to the community.  


The SCC discussed how difficult it is for parents to contact teachers or classrooms during the day.  Often times, the main phone line is unanswered.  Families do not have access to extension.  This information needs to be shared with the community.  Principal Martin will work on this.  


We decided to move on the from the emergency plan to the Land Trust plan.  Principal Martin proposed a budget for the plan (see additional documents).  There was a great deal of discussion about the plan including:

  • Increase the amount of money for field trips and guest speakers from $5,000 to $8,000.
  • Wait on the social and emotional curriculum and instead ask the district counselor to regularly present to grade bands.
  • Request that the total cost of a new math program be partially subsidized with other district funds.  
  • Discuss as a faculty what math program to go with given implementation costs and sustainability costs.  
  • Change Wonders supplementation to a focus on materials such as science consumables and supplies, Wonder consumables, IXL, Really Great Reading, and Accelerated Reader. Increase the amount to $8,000.  
  • Increase teacher supplies for 14 individuals from $3,000 to $3,500, with each individual receiving $250.  
  • Challenge the device refresh cost.

The plan needs to be presented to the Board at the March meeting.


Jim Payton is collecting bids on a fence which will surround the playground. We are also working on restriping the playground with games and activities.  


The meeting was adjourned at 6:35 pm.

Strongly disagree Somewhat disagree Somewhat agree Strongly agree    
2   10 14   Teachers at CES have high standards for achievement. 
2   6 18   Teachers at CES work hard to make sure students do well.
2   9 15   Teachers at CES promote academic success for all students.
  1 5 20   CES sets clear rules for behavior.
2   3 20 1 My child feels safe at school.
2   4 19 1 My child feels safe going to and from school.
  1 9 16   School rules are consistently enforced at CES.
1 1 5 19   School rules and procedures at CES are fair.
  2 9 14 1 My child feels successful at school.
  2 10 14   My child is frequently recognized for good behavior.
1 2 7 16   I feel comfortable talking to teachers at CES.
1 5 4 15 1 Staff at CES communicate well with parents. 
1 1 5 19   I feel welcome at CES.
2 2 10 12   All students are treated fairly at CES.
2 3 8 13   Teachers at CES treat all students with respect.
    17 8 1 The school building is well-maintained. 
  7 3 14 2 My child's textbooks are up-to-date and in good condition.
  1 8 17   Teachers at CES keep their classrooms clean and organized.
1   2 21 2 I attend parent/teacher conferences at CES.
2   8 16   I am actively involved in activities at CES.
4 2 11 7 2 I frequently volunteer to help with special projects at CES.
3 4 9 8 2 I would be interested in volunteering (if this is the case, please contact Toni Thompson at 435-577-2551. 


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