5050a - Compulsory Attendance Exemption

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Compulsory Attendance Exemption Certificate 5050a

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Name of Student                    Grade        Parent or Guardian

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Address                                         City/State/Zip code                Phone #

Terms of Contract

The above named student is exempt from compulsory attendance at the Piute District Schools for the _________ school year, if the parent or guardian will provide the student with the training in the State Prescribed Branches of Learning and will meet the State Board of Education’s Time Requirement for School Attendance (as outlined in board policy).

Elementary Schools: Reading, Language Arts, mathematics, science, music, art, social studies and physical education.

Middle Schools: English, social studies including Utah and U.S. History, mathematics, personal and public health and safety, science, physical education, industrial arts or homemaking, art and music.

High Schools: Communications-three units, two of which must be English Language Arts; social studies-two units, one of which must be American History and Government; mathematics- one unit; science- one unit; health- one half unit; one semester of work experience or one semester of service experience, totaling 75 hours minimum, or an approved area of concentration related to a student’s career goal; development of an individual education plan by the student (grade 7-12) which must include a tentative career goal.

The State Board of Education requires school to be held 990 hours and suggests 180 days each year.  Time suggestions are as follows: 4.5 hours per day for grade one, and 5.5 hours per day for grades two through twelve (exclusive of lunch periods).

These terms agreed to and requested by:

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Signature of Parent                            Date

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Approval Signature                            Date

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