5050 - Home School Request Form

HOME SCHOOL REQUEST FORM                                                      

Board of Education 
Piute School District 
500 North Main
PO Box 69 
Junction, Utah 84740

Dear Board of Education:
I, the undersigned, hereby inform the Piute School district that my child/children ________________________________,
(full names)
who would otherwise attend a school in the Piute School District will be taught at home. I will follow the state requirements.

Parent/Guardian signature

____________________    ______________________  __________    ___________  ____________________
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For information for parents of home taught children requirements are listed below:
Elementary School Requirements K-6 grades

Reading, Mathematics, Writing, Science, Speaking, Listening, Problem Solving, Social Studies - Introductory Citizenship Principles and practices, Arts, Movement, Fitness, Health, Computer Literacy.

State Board Minimum Requirements

Middle School REquirements 7-8 Grades     Units   High School Requirements 9-12    Units  


 2.0  English  3.0
Math  2.0  Math  2.0


 1.5  Science  2.0
Social Studies  1.5  Computer Studies  0.5
Arts  1.0  Social Studies  3.0
Computer Literacy  0.5  Arts  1.5
Movement, Fitness, & Health  1.0  Healthy Lifestyle & Fitness  2.0
Prevocational Exploration  1.0  Vocational Education  1.0
Local District Option  1.0  Electives  9.0

 State Board of Education Time Requirements for School Attendance
The State Board of Education requires school to be held 180 days each year. Time requirements are as follows:
Four and one-half hours per day or 22.5 hours per week for grade one:
Five and one-half hours per day or 27.5 hours per week for grades two through twelve.

Only credit given by a school recognized or accredited by the State Office of Education or by a regional accreditation organization recognized by the Utah State Office of Education can be applied toward high school graduation.

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