5013 - Use of Technology & Media Materials

Modern technology has provided unparalleled opportunities for the use of audiovisual, computer related, and other media material in the classroom. The policy of Piute School District is to utilize technology wherever it can be effectively and appropriately used to further sound instructional practices.

It is the responsibility of each school principal with the input of his certified staff to evaluate the effectiveness and appropriateness of all technological material that is considered for use with students. Said material should relate directly to approved instructional goals and objectives in the state core curriculum. Any computer software, audio-visual, or media materials that have not been reserved through the Regional Service center (CUES) or distributed by the State Office of Education shall be carefully screened by the teacher and approved by the principal. Such material should not compromise community values and should be used only if it provides the students with the tools; information and background he/she needs to masters established curricular goals and objectives.

Staff presentations of "recreational" Hollywood (entertainment) technological material, including movies, videos, computer software, audio visual, and other media are to be used sparingly and should not violate copyright law. All such material should be in good taste and approved by the school principal using the district's Request To Show Movie/Video form. Media materials that are rated PG 13, R, or X are not acceptable. This includes movies checked out or rented at motels where students stay when on athletic or activity trips. Teachers are required to notify parents in advance of the title of an approved movie/video and the date of the viewing. Parents have the right to request that their child not view any movie/video.

Revised 2/2000
    Revised 1/11/2005

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