6002 - Purchasing Procedures


It is the philosophy of the Board of Education that the Budget Document it adopts each year produces the stability needed to operate the school district effectively.  Principals, directors, and officers of the Board are charged to spend money wisely while using the budget document as a guide.  Equipment, supplies, and related services within the scope of the approved budget may be purchased without special authorization of the Board. 

Technology is available that allows purchases to be encumbered immediately when requisitioned.  The Board delegates to its officers the responsibility to see that all employees who make purchases are trained to enter requisitions into this system; thereby allowing each principal, director, or other person charged with spending within budget parameters to see where their budget stands at any instant in time.

The following procedures shall govern purchases:

All purchases of equipment, supplies, and needed services from district budgets must be done by written requisition signed by the principal or program director.  Purchases over $100.00 must follow the competitive purchasing policy outlined below.  Purchasing will be handled through the Business Administrator.  No other person may purchase or obligate the district unless authorized by the Superintendent.  Purchases will be made on the open market at the best price with consideration given for quality and service.  On invoice from venders, checks will be produced by the Business Administrator and mailed promptly after the reception of goods or services has been verified.  A list of all vouchers created by this process will be presented to the Board each month for their perusal and approval.

Competitive Purchasing Policy

1. The Board delegates to the principal of any school, or the director of any program the authority to make small supply item purchases for less than $100.00 without employing the competitive purchasing policy. Purchases of Items Costing Over $100.00 and less than $1,000.00 may be purchased, when necessary, after obtaining one qualified telephone quotation. When receiving bids by telephone, all required information shall be attached to the requisition. 

2. Purchases over $1,000.00 and less than $10,000.00 may be purchased after obtaining and documenting at least three (3) telephone bid quotations. These documented quotations will be attached to the requisition as outlined below:   

A.  Names of the companies invited to bid.
B.  Name of the person making the bid  
C.  Date of price inquiry from the company.
D.  Bid price of items requested
3.  Purchases over $10,000 must be approved by the board before any type of bid process is begun.  The board will determine the bid process. 
4. Food purchases for the Food Services Program are an exception to this policy.  The Purchasing Department will maintain a current list of vendors who participate in bids furnished them for school lunch supplies.  On rare occasions other exceptions to the policy may occur.  In these cases in order for reimbursement to occur, receipts must accompany requisitions.

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