Title I

Title I is federal legislation that provides additional funding and resources to schools that have significant numbers of families who are economically disadvantaged.  The goal of Title I is to equalize the playing field so that the students in Title I schools can achieve high academic success.  Title I is determined by the number of students who qualify for free lunch.    


Title I also works to better involve families in their child’s education.  This year will be a challenge to hold CES community events because of COVID-19; however, family involvement also involves regular communication with families (like this letter), in accessible languages, and about your child’s academic progress.  Parents will also be involved in making decisions about our school based on data and helping to create school plans.  


Title I works to build the capacity of educators through professional development.  This year, Circleville faculty are learning how to teach computer science to our students.  We are also learning about the new science core for grades K-5 and how best to teach using a more inquiry-based approach.  


Circleville is a schoolwide Title I program.  This means that we provide Title I resources to every student in our school, even those who may not be economically disadvantaged and qualify for free or reduced lunch.  


Title I resources are used to supplement and strengthen core programs.  As a parent of a child in a Title I school, you have the right to request to see the qualifications of faculty and staff at any time.  You can just ask the principal.  


Piute County School District Title I Documents & Program Information

All three Piute County School District schools qualify for Title I funding. The district believes student instruction can be more effective when grade levels are not combined. The district, therefore, uses all Title I funding at the two elementary schools to help prevent combining more grade levels than is necessary. The following are required documents for the schools and school district Title I program.

District and School Plans and Parent Compacts

Circleville Elementary School Title I Plan

Circleville Elementary School Parent Compact 

Oscarson Elementary School Title I Plan

Oscarson Elementary School Parent Compact 

Piute County School District Title I Plan

Parent & Family Engagement Policy

Link to district Parent and Family Engagement Policy

Link to 2021-2022 Evaluation of Parent and Family Engagement Policy

Parent and community member rights for Title I programs

1. Parents and community members have the right to request the professional qualifications of their child's teacher.

As of 11/30/21 - Piute County School District has 5 teachers working under a LEA-Specific License or are enrolled in a program working towards full licensure. 

  • Robert Thomas (1 FTE) at Piute High School has an LEA Specific license for one or more of his courses. Mr. Thomas has a bachlors degree in Physics and has successfully passed the following educator praxis exams...Principals of Learning and Teaching, Earth Science Content Knowledge, Physical Science Content Knowledge, and Mathematics Content Knowledge.
  • Priscilla Morgan (1 FTE) at Piute high School has a bachelors degree in Business, has completed all the required coursework for full teacher licensure, and has an approved Associate Edcuator license. Mrs. Morgan has also passed the educator business praxis exam. Mrs. Morgan only requires a passing score on another praxis exam and to complete the educator dispostion requirments to apply for a professional educator license.
  • Hunter Tanner (.725 FTE) at Oscarson Elementary has a bachelors degree in agricultural science, has passed the elementary education praxis exam, has been accepted into the APPEL-S state edcuator training program for Special Education teachers, and has an approved associate educator license. Mrs. Tanner is working through the required coursework and other requirements to apply for a professional educator license. 
  • Natalie Remund (.725 FTE) at Circleville Elementary has a bachelors degree in office administration, is preparing to take the elementary education praxis exam, and then apply for an Associate Educator License. Mrs. Remund has also begun the required coursework and other requirements to apply for a professional educator license.
  • Troy Allan (1 FTE) at Circleville Elementary, Piute High School and Oscarson ELementary has an educational doctorate degree, several masters degrees, and a bachelors degree in Music edcuation. Mr. Allan is a fully licensed Utah educator and retired from the United States military as a counselor. Mr. Allan has been approved for an LEA-Specific license as a school counselor. 
  • Parents and community members may lookup any teacher educator license status on the following website...https://cactus.schools.utah.gov/PersonSearch


2. Parents and community members have the right to request information on whether their child is provided services by paraprofessionals, and their qualifications.

  • Piute County School District requires all paraprofessionals to either complete two years of post-secondary education or pass the ParaPro Praxis exam through ETS assessments. Community members may request more information about qualifications or requirements at any time through the school district office. 

3. Parents and community members have the right to request information regarding any state or school district policy regarding student participation in any mandated assessment including a policy, procedure, or parental right to opt out.

  • Piute County School District follows the state accomadiations and participation policy for standardized assessments. Link to state policy

4. Parents and community members have the right to request information about any required assessment administered by the school district.

 5. Parents and community memebers have a right to information about the level of acheivement and academic growth of students at a school.


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